eyeBackup 1.0 for eyemodule2 & MemPlug

(c) 2001 Hiroyuki Okamoto
All Rights Reserved.

eyeBackup converts and backup eyemodule2 images to jpeg files and save them in MemPlug. (Compact Flash/SmartMedia card).


- Handspring Palm Device
- eyemodule2 Springboard
- MemPlug Springboard

To download a shareware version:
eyeBackup 1.0 (Shareware version)

To get a registered version (just $5), push this and push Add To Cart button!

[Register eyeBackup]


Install eyeBackup-Shareware.prc and jcpalm.prc on your Palm device.

How to use

To backup eyemodule2 images to MemPlug as JPEG files:
1. Insert MemPlug springboard module.
2. Launch eyeBackup on PalmOS launcher application.
3. Select "Copy" to copy eyemodule2 images to MemPlug. Select "Move" to move eyemodule2 images to MemPlug.
4. (Optional) Fill "To MemPlug Folder" to save images to directory(folder) in MemPlug.
5. (Optional) To copy/move some of images, check "Copy image if imagename contains" and type search keyword for image name.
The directory name must be DOS based short name.
6. (Optional) To force to overwrite images if the image already saved in SmartMedia, Check "Overwrite if file already exists"
7. Push "Copy" button to start to backup eyemodule2 images to SmartMedia in MemPlug.

Version History

* Version 1.0a (7/12/2001) - Initial Public Release


jcpalm.prc: The IJG JPEG COMPRESSION LIBRARY ON THE PALMOS is Copyright (C) 2000 IDEO, TRG & Harold Howe
Major portions of this library are copyright (C) 1994-1998 by Thomas G. Lane and the Independent JPEG Group.
IDEO and TRG have ported the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG compression library to the PalmOS.
Many thanks to all those people who helped during the testing of this application.


The author cannot be held responsible for any damage this software may do to your data, to your computer, to your sanity or anything else.
Using this software constitutes an agreement to these terms.