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Hiroyuki Okamoto


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PalmOS(3.0 or later) supports to play SMF(Standard Midi File) data for alarm by PDB file:

/Palm directory/ User directory /Backup/System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB

Using Palm MIDI Desktop, you can install your favorite MIDI data and customize your alarm sounds. Palm MIDI Desktop is a java application based on JDK1.1 for any platform. Palm MIDI Desktop is freeware.

What's New

Jun 18, 1999
Palm MIDI Desktop 0.1 released


Palm MIDI Desktop0.1 (.zip)

How to Use

1.You must install JDK1.1 or install Microsoft IE4 or later.
2.Download and extract Palm MIDI Desktop zip file on current directory.
3.If you put PalmMidiDesktop.jar on current directory, type the following command:

java -classpath /jdk1.1.8/lib/;PalmMidiDesktop.jar PalmMidiDesktop

If you installed Microsoft IE4, instead, you can type the following command:

jview -cp:a PalmMidiDesktop.jar PalmMidiDesktop

After type one of these commands, Palm MIDI Desktop starts.

!!! Caution !!!
Before you edit System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB, you must back up it.

4. Tap menu "File - Open" and open "/palm/user directory/Backup/System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB." Then this PDB is load on Palm MIDI Desktop. You can find some MIDI data title on Palm MIDI Desktop.

5.Tap menu "File - Import" if you want to import a new MIDI file to System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB

6. Tap menu "File - Export" if you want to export MIDI data from System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB to your pc.

7. Make sure tap menu "File - Save " to save Sysmte_MIDI_Sounds.PDB after modifying this PDB.

8.Install this modified System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB to PalmOS.

9. After install this PDB, you can find a new MIDI alarm in Preferences of DateBook.


  • I can not play a MIDI data which I installed. How come???

    MIDI data which PalmOS suppots is restricted.
    PalmOS supports SMF(Standard MIDI file) format 0.
    PalmOS doesn't support sampled sound, multiple voices/tracks or complex "instruments." You can download the SMF format specification from the Web site.

    I created the following files. You can try to install these files.


    If you want to play good MIDI sounds on PalmOS, you'd better use MIDI sequencer or MIDI authoring tools.