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PalmIRC is a chat client based on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol RFC1459 that runs on palm devices.(PalmOS 3.0 or later)

What's New

Oct 22, 2002
PalmIRC Ver1.31a released
- Supported PalmOS5

Dec 11, 2000
PalmIRC Ver1.31 released
- Changed the timeout for polling messages
- Added Graffiti Indicators on Welcome dialogs.

Dec 09, 2000
PalmIRC Ver1.3 released
- Now works with the clipon modem and the keyboard!!!
- Enter key works to send messages.
- Added the menu "Chat - Goto Next Channel", "Chat - Goto Prev Channel"
- Added the menu "Options - PalmOS Modem Prefs", "Options - PalmOS Network Prefs"
- Only supports PalmOS 3.0 or later

Feb 20, 2000
PalmIRC Ver1.2 released
- Supported the key (password) for JOIN command

May 28, 1999
PalmIRC Ver1.1 released
- Identd Emulation
- "Disconnect PPP" option on Disconnect dialog
- Now PalmIRC works even on PalmOS3.1 (PalmIIIx/PalmV).
- Some bug fixes

April 14, 1999
PalmIRC Ver1.0 released


Do you want to try PalmIRC ?
Download PalmIRC Ver1.31a (Shareware Version)

The shareware version has some restrictions as follows:
- Displays About screen each 3mins.
- You can join only 1 channel. (Register version can allow you to join 8 channels)
- The server settings are reset after disconnecting IRC server.

If you want to get a registered version($10)
Buy PalmIRC 1.3x registered version

How to Use

1. Setup Modem and Network preferences of PalmOS.
2. Launch PalmIRC.

3. Follow the instructions as shown on the screen to setup PalmIRC.
4. Connect to IRC server to push Connect button on Connect dialog.

5. Join your favorite channel. Use these commands to chat. You can also use "Chat Commands" dialog to join channel if you select menu "Chat - Chat Cmds".

If you use a shareware version, there are some restrictions:
1.Your PalmIRC settings are not saved. You must input them each time you start PalmIRC.
2.You can not write PalmIRC shareware version to a flash ROM.


  • What is IRC?

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is multi-user chat system. You can join or create Channels (rooms, virtual places, usually with a certain topic of conversation) freely you are interested in, and talk about your favorite things. (Of cause, you can also talk with other person privately.)
    IRC protocol is absolutely open and not proprietary. If you want to know about IRC protocol, check RFC1459.

    You want to know more?
    Check the following sites:
    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
    IRC's Homepage at Funet, Finland
    DALnet Homepage
    Welcome to the Undernet!

  • I don't know IRC server name. How can I find IRC server name?

    Check the following sites:
    EFNet Servers List
    IRC Net Servers List
    DalNet Servers List
    Undernet Servers List

  • I cannot connect to the IRC server.
    Try IP address for the IRC server instead of the hostname.

  • How can I know the channel name to join?
    You can type /list command, if you want to know a channel list.But since there are thousands of channels on the major IRC networks, so palm/pilot may get flooded off by huge amount of data and your connection may be disconnected
    Here is another way to get a channel list. check the follwing homepages:
    Liszt's IRC Chat Directory
    EFnet Channel Listing Service

  • What kind of commands can I input?

    See chatcmds.txt

  • What is Identd Emulation?

    Identd provides a means to determine the identity of a user of a particular TCP connection. Some IRC servers (like most of EFNet servers) require user to run Identd on user's IRC client machine. In case of those servers, your connection may be denied. By Identd, server can reconize this user's access is proper.
    PalmIRC emulates as if Identd runs on PalmOS for these server.
    After tapping menu "Options - Preferences", Preferences dialog is displayed. Push "Advanced" button and display "Advanced Prefs"dialog. Check "Identd Emulation" if you want to emulate Identd on PalmIRC.

  • How can I log the channel?

    You can log your favorite channel. Log is saved as DOC database (the database name is PalmIRCLog-MMDDHHMMSS).
    After connect to IRC server, Tap menu "Chat - Chat Cmds". Change the command to "Join Channel" and check "Log".
    You can also input "LOG" command to log the channel.

  • Are there any IRC channels about Palm?

    Yes! There is an informal meeting for PalmPilot owners and developers on openprojects.net, in the channel #palmchat every Wednesday and Sunday night at 0230 GMT (8:30pm CST/CDT US). To join this network, just connect to adams.openprojects.net (for U.S. users, others check Open Projects IRC Listing to find a server) and then /join #palmchat.
    Check PDAlife #palmchat.