Internet Messaging Client
MsgAgent 0.37b for PalmOS

MsgAgent is an internet messaging client for PalmOS.
Currently MsgAgent supports internet mail(SMTP/POP3) and net news(NNTP).
This version is a freeware.


* Fully supports SMTP, POP3, NNTP directly by Palm device with the modem.

* Once tapping Sync button (or push Sync button on Palm modem), MsgAgent syncronizes messages with multiple mail and netnews servers.

* MsgAgent is the first messaging client for Palm which is internationalized for many languages.
MsgAgent supports many charsets (Arabic, Baltic, Central European, Chinese(Simplified, Traditional), Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Western European)

* No restriction for maximum message size. (but displays only the first 32kbytes)
Configurable maximum message size.

* Up to 65000 configuarable servers and 65000 folders/newsgroups for each mail/netnews account.
Easy to add new servers/folders/newsgroups.

* Supports In-Reply-To, References header field.
Never cut off threads.

* not use the standard Mail application in PalmOS.
Viewer and Editor are integrated in MsgAgent.

* Supports APOP for POP3. (recognized automatically)

* Supports NNTP authentication.

What's New:

Mar. 20, 2001
Released MsgAgent0.37b
- Fixed problem Charset settings is disabled to setup on General Settings dialog

Mar. 19, 2001
Released MsgAgent0.37a
- Added "downloading the most recent articles" checkbox for NNTP Newsgroup/POP3 Inbox on Folder Properties dialog.
- Added menu "Net - Download Headers", "Net - Download Bodies"
- Fixed to download body-only messages for NNTP
- Display alert if free memory shortage happens (less than 128kbtes)
- Fixed Abort button does not work on Sync dialog
- Added NNTP/SMTP/POP3 port number settings
- Added TCP timeout on General Settings dialog
- Fixed "Socket Busy" problem|
- Added SMTP authentication feature

Sep. 09, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.35
- Fixed a problem header encoding was not correct in outbound message

Sep. 07, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.34a
- Fixed a problem MsgAgent couldnot send e-mail (this happened only on 0.34)

Sep. 06, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.34
- Fixed a problem sometimes double click of up/down key did not work
- Fixed a crash problem when performed address lookup on PalmOS2.0
- Fixed a problem MsgAgent connected to SMTP server even if there is no message in Send Later folder
- Fixed a problem MsgAgent sent bare LF chars in SBCS body. (some SMTP server does not accept bare LF chars)

Aug. 30, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.33
- Fixed a problem Content-Type, Content-Transfer-Encoding value were wrong.
- Add a debug file (MsgAgent-Debug.prc) to this package

Aug. 20, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.32
- Fixed a crash problem when MsgAgent received more than 32kbytes message
- Supported Central European(ISO-8859-2), Baltic(ISO-8859-4), Cyrillic(ISO-8859-5), Cyrillic(KOI8-R), Greek(ISO-8859-7)
- Now MsgAgent send US-ASCII message if SBCS lanugage is selected and the message is 7bit
- 8bit encode for body except Japanese(JIS) and US-ASCII

Aug. 17, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.31
- Fixed a crash problem when user saved a netnews msg.
- Supported additional charset decoding - iso-8859-2,iso-8859-4,iso-8859-5,iso-8859-7,KOI8-R (these encoding are not supported yet)

Aug. 14, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.30a
Fix a problem MsgAgent didnot hande linebreaks for quoted-printable.(I believe this is fixed)

Aug. 12, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.30a
Fix a problem MsgAgent didnot hande linebreaks for quoted-printable.

Aug. 11, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.30
- Much faster than the previous version
- Move to the previous/next message if you double-tap up/down hardware key on "Read Mail" & "Read News" form
- Added two buttons at the top right side on "Read Mail" & "Read News" form to control the header display
- Added Disconnect Network (menu "Net - Disconnect Network")
- Fixed a problem Bcc didnot work.
- No more folding lines for quoted-printable message.
- Display "Connecting to SMTP server" before connecting to the SMTP server
- Save message if user taps "Application" button during editing the message by accident
- Fixed a crash when MsgAgent download Multipart mail.
- Enabled to save Multipart mail body

Apr. 14, 2000
Released MsgAgent 0.25
- Fixed a crash when the network service name was long
- Fixed a crash when the network dialup dialog was opened.
- Fixed pop trigger corruption on PalmOS3.5
- Added "Font" menu on "Read News" form.
- Added 3.5 color icon and bitmap

Feb 19, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.23
- Supported displaying the accent characters

Feb 13, 2000
Released MsgAgent0.23
- Enabled to display the UIDL error when the POP3 does not support UIDL command.
- Enabled up/down hard key on Folder/Sync Settings dialog.
- Enabled to go to Connection panel when PalmOS Modem Prefs menu is selected on PalmOS3.3.
- Fixed the memory leaks when downloading pop3/nntp message.
- Fixed the problem Copy command does not work in ReadNews form.

Nov.29, 1999
Released MsgAgent0.22
- Fixed a problem that the authentications fail on some nntp servers.

Nov.27, 1999
Released MsgAgent0.21b
- This is a temporary version for those people cannot start syncronizing on version 0.21a.

Nov.25, 1999
Released MsgAgent0.21a
- This is a temporary version for those people cannot start syncronizing on version 0.12.

Nov.22, 1999
Released MsgAgent0.21
- Fixed a problem which mail address lookup does not work.
- Fixed a problem which displays a alert when MsgAgent starts.
- Added "Options - PalmOS Network Prefs" menu item.
- Added "Options - PalmOS Modem Prefs" menu item.

Nov.18, 1999
Released MsgAgent0.2

System Requirements:

A Palm Computing Device (PalmOS 2.0 or later)
A Palm Computing Device clip on modem, or other compatible modem


!!! Don't forget to delete the old version of MsgAgent before installing this version !!!

MsgAgent 0.37b for PalmOS (.zip)

Mailing List:

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MsgAgent mailing list freely if you have any questions/comments.

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Future Plans:

Im thinking about the following features to implement in the future.
* Filter
* File attachment
* Add-in (for Import/Export/Attachment viewer etc...)
* Signature


* If POP3 server is not implemented UIDL command, MsgAgent does not work.
Ask system administrator about UIDL command for POP3

* I would appreciate that you would write a counduit module for MsgAgent.

(c) 1999-2001 Hiroyuki Okamoto
All Rights Reserved.